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puget sound EMF testing

Electric and Magnetic Field surveys for your home and your peace of mind.
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Find out the electric and magnetic radiation levels in your home.  This is especially important if you live near power lines or a cell tower. Call (360) 471-3558 to learn more.
A home test for EMF in the Seattle Washington area or Puget Sound can be conducted by an engineer starting at $153. Click here to learn more about home testing.

If you live outside of Washinton we can help you do it yourself.  Puget Sound EMF testing offers the best valued EMF meter available.  Our EMF meters come with lifetime product and technical support
The FAQ page is always being updated with the latest electromagnetic field information including
information concerning electric cars. 
Puget Sound EMF testing services will conduct expert and thorough testing of your home, which includes the following:

    1.  Full ELF (60Hz) electric and magnetic radiation surveys of private residencies.

   2.  Written report detailing maximum radiation levels from power lines, home appliances, and house wiring in room by room survey and the outside perimeter of the home.

    3.  Measurements of radiation levels from cell phone towers.

    4.  Test of microwave radiation leakage from microwave ovens.

We service the Puget Sound area.  From Bremerton to Bellevue, Everett to Tacoma, or anywhere in Seattle, the experts are here to serve you in King, Pierce, Kitsap, and Snohomish counties.

Anyone who lives near power lines or a cell phone tower should know the EMF levels in their home.

Know your home's 60 Hz EMF levels to assure yourself that it's well below the levels associated with increased childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Information on EMF:

50-60 Hz low level radiation has been found to be a possible carcinogen for childhood leukemia.  Numerous studies have shown a weak correlation with power line radiation and childhood leukemia. See the pamphlet entitled, EMF Electric and Magnetic Fields Associated with Electric Power prepared by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Institutes of Health.    SOURCE LINK

A 1997 World Health Organization (WHO) report noted that living in homes near power lines was associated with an approximate 1.5-fold excess risk of childhood leukemia.    SOURCE LINK

Go to our link page to find useful information on the web about electromagnetic fields.

Click here to schedule an appointment by phone or email.
A complete home survey is only $153.

Sweden's National Board for Industrial and Technical (NUTEK) formally announced that it would act on the assumption that there is a connection between exposure to power frequency magnetic fields and cancer.  It also suggests a moratorium on erecting power lines hear homes and schools.  SOURCE LINK